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Concept store

Païkikala, ready to ride!

Feel like stretching out in the sun, facing the ocean as you sip on a delicious cocktail? Then think Païkikala ! Come and hire our superb bikes ! We have one for every personality. Whether you’re riding solo or out with your tribe, we’ll make sure you fulfil your dreams for escape, whatever they may be.

We have all kinds of bikes : Dutch bikes, Hybrids, Beachbikes, Road bikes, FAT bikes, Tandems…. Whatever the heart desires…


A new way to have fun


What our clients are saying about us

Un large choix de vélos, des accessoires uniques, et un accueil adorable de Gilles et Marie !

Sophie P.

The place to be à Hossegor, un concept store vraiment sympa, n’hésitez pas à aller jeter un oeil, réserver un beach bike pour cruiser sur la plage.

Patrick B.

Des vélos pour toute la famille, livrés sur notre lieu de vacances, et la bonne humeur des gérants au rendez-vous, nous reviendrons.

Famille Martin


Discover the spirit of Païkikala

Païkikala offers so much more than just bike rides - we want to colour up your downtime! Come on in and discover our store’s interior, featuring Charlie Adam’s creations – a myriad of wit, vintage and glamour. Our repairs workshop is at your service together with a few precious tips, plus you can have your bike delivered directly to where you’re staying on the very first day of your holiday. That’s right, Païkikala has been tailored to your comfort!
Païkikala Store, bicycling holidays designed for you.


There’s no such thing as a stupid question – or maybe there is,… !

Païkikala means “bicycle” in Hawaiian

Either the person you saw had lost his passenger, or you’ve just invented a new concept!

Anything’s possible. We even have skateboards – however helmets are mandatory.

No – we’ve got some Gilles, a few Maries – but no Rosalies I’m afraid.

Errrr, you know what ? … enjoy your holiday.

Absolutely, you can hire bikes, but that’s not all! Charlie Adam – illustrator and graphic designer is featuring at the store. You’re going to melt before his pictures, and like us, just adore his artistic universe of glamour, vintage and wit.


Finding us

Once out of the water, rub yourself dry and cast your eyes to the ocean…

Can you see Notre Dame Beach ? Ok, now turn around so you have your back to the ocean, set off down the Boulevard Notre Dame and drop in to say Hi. You’re the Belle, or the Beau of the Ball, you’re poised on a fine horse (ok, a bike) between Hossegor and Capbreton. However, if you still can’t find us, either ask my grandmother (even she can find her way), or check out Google Maps.

Paikikala , Boulevard Notre Dame, 40150 Capbreton

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Vintage ,Stylé,La Classe.Nos vélos sont conçus et assemblés en France.
Le 1903 revisité par @paikikala_rent vous attends pour de belles balades entre terre et mer.
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@paikikala_rent vous attend en saison tous les jours 7/7j de 9h30 à 19h30 !

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General Info :

– Païkikala bears the labels “Accueil Vélo” and “Vélodyssée” – a guarantee of quality..

– We can look after your bags

– To help prepare your trip, take a look at Landes Tourist Offices website

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Concept store ; a fabulously original store with stylish bikes

E-bikes – Hybrids – Dutch bikes – Beach bikes – Fat bikes – Road bikes
Repairs and maintenance
Equipment, vintage decor
Hossegor / Capbreton